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Stan Harley – Cycles, Gann & Fibonacci


Stan Harley – Cycles, Gann & Fibonacci

Market Kinematics is the study of motion without regard to the forces or other factors that influence the motion. In this information packed DVD, former Top Gun pilot Stan Harley demonstrates how to use advanced technical methods and cycle analysis to do battle with the markets. After watching this DVD you’ll know what Market Kinematics is, and you’ll know how to measure and analyze price velocity, interpret Gann Angles and Gann Octaves, applying Fibonacci numbers to your analysis, and set up a Martigale to manage your trading capital and send your profits soaring.

2.I Guarantee it
3.Top Gun
4.Cycles, Gann and Fibonacci
5.Market Kinematics
6.Product Life Cycle
8.Stock Market
10.McCellan Summation Index
11.Fibonacci Numbers
12.Support and Resistance
14.The Most Powerful Tool
15.Secret Gann Octave
16.Treasury Bonds
17.Money Management
18.Q and A
19.The Fish Test
20.Ten Trading Rules
22.Final Word

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