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Darlene Nelson Powell LEAPS 2010-2012 DVD pdf set Available now


Darlene Nelson Powell Trading with LEAPS 2010-2012 DVD with pdf Workbook Set - available now, ship next day


LEAPS is an acronym for Long Term Equity Anticipation Securities, a fancy name for options that have at least nine months until expiration. In the Lifestyle Trading with LEAPS DVD series, Darlene Powell teaches you how it may be possible to limit risk and unleash the upside potential by using these powerful option strategies.

Experienced stock market education coach Darlene Powell has developed her own techniques to utilize LEAPS in a dependable and potentially profitable manner. Buying a long-term option doesn’t mean you hold the position for nine months. You might be out of the trade in a day or so, but the additional time LEAPS provide may give you some wiggle room if the stock moves the wrong way.
In this 11-DVD series, you will learn how to:

•   Trade with less risk by using safety nets.
•   Potentially increase your income faster than trading stocks.
•   Possibly produce three different cash flows.

Darlene can help you develop the confidence you need to potentially increase your monthly cash flow. Darlene will even show you how to use LEAPS to write covered calls.  And the secret dirt she dishes out about the market makers may be a real eye-opener.

The techniques demonstrated in these DVDs will provide you with the skills to become a better trader. Purchase this distance learning course to start on your path to financial freedom! This DVD series allows you to learn at your own pace in the comfort and privacy of your own home!


Included 11 DVDs in original case showing live Darlene LEAPS seminar with original color pdf workbook. Pdf workbook are new therefore clean and no writting. Pdf workbook can be read using any computers and print out using any printers.

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