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Darlene Nelson Forty Cents to Financial Freedom DVD pdf Set


Darlene Nelson Powell Forty Cents to Financial Freedom DVD pdf Set

by Darlene Powell  

Darlene Powell has formulated a strategy where a mere 40 cents of a price move may lead to  profits, while minimizing risk. In 40 Cents to Financial Freedom, you will learn how it is possible to grow your profits by consistently taking small windfall profits each day – and how to use these profits to potentially generate a larger cash flow.

Learn how it is possible to make consistent profits in the stock market. Select the right stocks to trade. Learn how to get into trades ahead of the market. Learn the eight steps for reducing the population of potential stock opportunities. 40 Cents to Financial Freedom provides a structured and disciplined approach that  teaches you how you can become a more consistent trader.

In this 6-DVD series, you will learn how it’s possible to:

• Funnel stocks down to a few potentially profitable opportunities.

• Create profit by getting into trades ahead of the market.
• Get into trades within the bid-ask spread.
• Identify certain options strategies and figure out why they may work.

• Raise your probability of success.

• Know when to potentially lock in profits (and cut losses)

The key to creating consistent and reliable earnings is to stay within the safest range of profit possible. Rather than taking unwarranted risks, it may be smart to learn how to take quick profits. Greed can be your enemy in the stock market. With the right trading structure, you can learn how to build profits through trades that offer the highest probability of success.

The techniques demonstrated in these DVDs will provide you with the skills to become a better trader. Purchase this distance learning course to start on your path to financial freedom!
This DVD series allows you to learn at your own pace in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Included 6 DVDs in original case showing Darlene's latest live seminars class together with pdf workbook. 

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