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Money-Making Trading Systems by Steve Palmquist


New Money-Making Trading Systems: Advanced Results from 6 Simple, Proven Strategies
By: Palmquist, Steve

New Money-Making Trading Systems: Advanced Results from 6 Simple, Proven Strategies

Long-term trading success is achieved using strategies that provide traders with an edge. But how can you prove that a system will show winning trades more often than random chance? You have to put it to the test.

Over the past 20 years, Steve Palmquist has done just that - backtested countless market adaptive trading techniques. In this brand-new, six-hour DVD course, Steve reveals the results of his tests on Bollinger bands, declining volume pullbacks and retracements, as well as volume accumulation and distribution to bring you six proven trading strategies.

Each system was developed, tested, and analyzed for maximum profits. Steve will provide you with complete rules and exit strategies that have been backtested in various market conditions and time frames. Steve will also show you how to analyze the current market conditions and select the trading strategy that will make you the most money in a bear, bull, or trading range market. As Steve guides you through his six proven strategies, you will learn:

- How to use time stops, price targets, and money management techniques to improve results,
- Specific techniques for selecting among multiple trading candidates based on extensive testing and analysis, and
- To understand market behavior and to position yourself to profit from different market characteristics.

His experience as an engineer helped him understand, research and create his Market Adaptive Trading Approach and now you can access his meticulously created systems. As a holder of 10 patents, Steve knew that designing an effective solution meant making sure it worked in all environments. Thinking like an engineer allowed him to create simple, reliable systems for various market conditions. In this new course you get 6 ready- to- use systems that cover today's prevailing market climate and are proven.

His systems show you:
- Short positions in overbought stocks
- Long positions in oversold stocks
- Long positions in declining volume pullbacks of up-trending stocks
- Short positions in declining volume retracements of down-trending stocks
- Short positions in distribution highs
- Long positions in accumulation lows

Plus complete instructions on which market conditions increase the winning percentage of each system and which conditions to avoid.

Don't make costly mistakes by following the latest trading system blindly. Let Steve's experience and expertise work for you. In this DVD course, he will not only provide you with six new powerful trading strategies, but he will show you exactly how to use each one to maximize profits.

Steve Palmquist, author of the bestselling Money-Making Candlestick Patterns: Backtested for Proven Results, has more than twenty years of active trading experience and is an expert in the development and testing of trading systems. He is a contributor to several trading industry publications, including Stocks & Commodities, Traders' Journal, The Opening Bell, and Working Money. He is the founder of and the publisher of ''The Timely Trades Letter,'' a bi-weekly e-newsletter.

This course has helped the attendees who took part. Here are just a couple comments we have received:

"Very good set ups with favorable risk/rewards for short-term swing trading."

"Impressed by his meticulous methodology and logical approach."

"It's very methodical and practical with statistics to back it up. No confusion as to how it performs."

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