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Bryce Gilmore Collection of Trading Books


Bryce Gilmore Collection of Trading Books

Trading to WIN  Contents:

1. Introduction - Trading to WIN
2. Close Stops - Basics you need to know to win
3. Opening Price - High - Low - Closing Price
4. 3 Day Range - Balance Points – 3 day swing
5. The Cardinal Ratios
6. Waves of Similar Degree
7. Retracements in Degree
8. Projections in Degree
9. My X-ABCD System and simple Wave Sets
10.  Internal Geometry on the completion of a Wave Series
11.  Examples of Multiple Wave Sets
12.  Odd Ball Retracement Levels and Targets
13.  Price Analysis as a Trading Tool
14.  MOB (Make or Break) Levels
15.  Market Observations May 7th – June 10th, 2002
16.  Reversal Patterns
17.  3 Drives to a Top or Bottom
18.  Continuation Patterns
19.  General Pattern Tools
20.  Reversal Bars
21.  News Events / Reports / Economic Indicators
22.  Short Term Trend Indicators
23.  Medium Term Trend Indicators
24.  Open Interest (Conviction meter)
25.  Continuous 1st Month Futures charts and Rollover Period
26.  S&P - Important periods of the Day
27.  Square of 9 explained
28.  Where to take a TRADE using close stops
29.  Daily Preparations CHECK LIST
30.  Weekly Preparations CHECK LIST
31.  Psychological Aspects of Trading to WIN
32.  Trading in the ZONE
33.  Logic
34.  My Epilogue

1 – Memo’s from my students

Dynamic Time & Price Analysis of Markets Trends

This book teaches you how to tear
apart a Market Time and Price wise.

With Examples from the Australian All Ordinaries Share Price Index
Futures and other major Markets.

You will learn how to Make a Forecast and Trade that forecast!

Gann, Elliott and Ancient geometry from a practical Market Trader.

A must for any trader of the SPI SP/ASX 200 and any trader
into Gann and WaveTrading. It will save you 2 years of learning!

Geometry of Markets

Geometry of Markets (1989) was the 1st book commercially published by Bryce Gilmore.
It was written to provide students of Time and Price analysis, associated with the principles of WD. Gann and RN. Elliott, a compact reference of examples that would extend their knowledge to a level which could bring them closer to understanding the market behavior and the WaveTrader Software.

Most of Gann's charting principles and teachings have been demonstrated in this text, as is Bryce Gilmore's summary of the useful tools introduced by RN. Elliott. Gilmore also introduced new concepts in Time Cycle analysis as well as introducing students to important geometric and harmonic ratios never before published by any other technical analyst.

Gilmore has also introduced the concept of DYNAMIC VIBRATION of time and price as opposed to Gann's STATIC approach. Before this book made its way to the general public Gilmore had already gained notoriety for his accurate market calls.

Much of the material illustrated concerns Gilmore's appraisal of how market tops and bottoms are justified taking into account the principles of geometry and the inter-relationship between market trends of similar degree. Gilmore's whole concept of market geometry and how to apply the basic principle of RN. Elliott, "All Waves of similar degree will relate in both time and price amplitude." are explained at length.  This book has been declared a classic by people in the know and was awarded 1991 TRADING BOOK OF THE YEAR by $uper Traders Almanac author Frank Taucher.

Trading With an Edge 2001

No two trades are exactly the same yet over time they will fall into categories. Trading for a living is work, you must work at it to be successful. Good Luck, I shouldn’t say that because it is up to you to create your own luck. Order Now Securely online below: 
 Chapter Headings
Markets : Pure, Impure and Manipulated
Who are the Markets?
Preparations for Success:
Tools of the Trade:
Market Mechanics:
Psychology of Trading:
Trade Entry Techniques:
Initial Stops & Trailing Stops:
Trend Indicators:
Open Interest in Futures Contracts:
The Opening Price, Trend and Day by Day:
New York World Trade Center Disaster:
Australian Share Price Futures:
Australian Share Price Futures : Rollovers:
Day-Trading Short-term Pattern:
Position Trading:
Soybean : History & Seasonality:
Contingency Plans:
Trading With an Edge:
Appendix: 1: Soybeans continuation from Chp 13.
Appendix: 2. US stock indices at September 21 and 3 week on.
Appendix: 3. Personal Note pages. 

Plus The Price Action Manual as bonus book.

All total 5 books are in pdf format which can be open for reading or print using any computers. Once order receive download links will be send within 24 hours.

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