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Compound Stock Earnings Master Class DVD course


Compound Stock Earnings

Master Class DVD course

by Joseph Hooper and Aaron Zalewski

the Masters Class is special, a once a year live seminar from Compound Stock Earnings. Each year we identify four, or five, of the highest achieving Compound Stock Earnings clients who are practicing our Covered Call, LEAPS and now Credit Spread techniques. The clients Compound Stock Earnings identify have years of experience with the technique and have developed enhancements or variants to the rules that they use to make the process more efficient and allow for higher returns. Compound Stock Earnings then ask these clients to each present for half a day at the Masters Class explaining exactly what they do on a daily basis to effectuate these above average returns using Compound Stock Earnings techniques.

The Masters Class was an event of unprecedented quality (the best CSE event ever). Don't miss out on this recorded Compound Stock Earnings DVD course.

About Compound Stock Earnings

Get Compound Stock Earnings Master Class Course at only $199.00

Compound Stock Earnings was founded in 1999 by former broker and bank owner Joseph Hooper in response to a genuine need to educate the ordinary investor about the merits of Covered Calls. Compound Stock Earnings application of the Covered Call technique allows the generation of consistent monthly income from a stock investment. This income can be used for living expenses in retirement, or reinvested on a monthly basis to dramatically compound the value of a portfolio.

Compound Stock Earnings clients learn to consistently generate 3 - 6% per month cash income from a stock portfolio, regardless of market direction. Compound Stock Earnings technique is so conservative it is approved for use in retirement accounts (IRA, 401k etc).

If you are willing to learn a safe, conservative and very effective method to manage your own money, then you must buy the master class DVD course

What Compound Stock Earnings investment technique is all about:

Americans are all too familiar with buying investment property and renting it out for a return while waiting for it to appreciate in value. Only a fool (or a very wealthy person) would buy an investment property and not rent it out, right? But why don’t we rent out our stock? Millions of Americans are leaving money on the table each and every month by not doing so. Compound Stock Earnings mission is to put that money back into the hands of ordinary investors.

Options are without doubt the most misunderstood, misrepresented and poorly implemented financial tool in the world. When asked about options, most people (including those “in the know” like financial planners, stockbrokers and accountants) will provide you with the comment “they're high risk, high return instruments.”

It is astonishing that even those who are financially educated seem unaware that options can be used to minimize or even eliminate risk in a stock portfolio . In fact, options were originally not devised for use as a speculative instrument. They were originally used in the agricultural industry to reduce risk by locking in future sales prices before harvest. Regardless of this, options maintain the tag of “high risk, high return.”

The high risk, high return tag derives its origins from the speculative use of options. Speculators use options to “bet” on the direction of the markets for the potential of very high returns. However, with these high returns come very high risk, and the vast majority of speculators fail over the long term. If you ever attempt to speculate with options, there is a very high chance that you too will be unsuccessful over the long term.

What evidence do we have that the vast majority of speculators fail over the long term? Well, if just 10% of the world's speculators were making regular 50% to 100% returns per trade over the long term (as is the goal of a speculator), then the world would be full of multi, multi millionaires who made their fortunes overnight trading options . Clearly, this is not the reality. However, this “get rich quick” ideal continues to be perpetuated by the endless hope of investors seeking a quick and easy solution to their financial woes.

Options markets are a zero sum game. Someone wins only when someone else loses. If most speculators lose in the long run, who are the winners? Apart from the market makers and the small portion of speculators who win over the long term, money flows each and every month into the hands of OPTION WRITERS . Option writers are the people who are selling option contracts to the speculators. This is what you will become.

What Compound Stock Earnings want to teach you has nothing to do with the risky practice of speculating with options – this is not high risk / high return trading. In fact, it is the complete opposite. Compound Stock Earnings will show you a way to use options to make consistent, steady profits that you can rely on to pay your mortgage and put food on your table or to compound your investment capital into significant accumulations of wealth .

Compound Stock Earnings is the leading provider of Covered Call investment education services - nowhere else can you find a better experienced team or a more comprehensive and effective education on this safe and incredibly powerful investment technique.

Compound Stock Earnings does not give false promises; there are no “magic systems” or “breakthrough” software packages that seldom, if ever, deliver on their claims over the long term. We offer real solutions for real investors, no matter what their level of prior experience. Compound Stock Earnings prides itself on its market leading client support;

testimonials section of Compound Stock Earnings Success Stories to see what our clients have to say about us:

Dear Compound Stock Earnings

I haven't had a chance to let you know how Janice and my investments have been doing since we took Compound Stock Earnings course in July.  After taking about a month to get our IRA opened at IB, we started trading on August 29 th.  Since then (1 1/2 months), we are up more than 18%.  We have been following the Compound Stock Earnings Fund investments for the most part with an occasional Last Minute Covered Call thrown in when the funds are available.

Thanks again for helping us learn these methods.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Don - Dallas

Things are going well -- I'm now up 70%, assets, and 49% realized gains, and I placed my first Leap last April so I'm very pleased. thank you Compound Stock Earnings

However, this is very addictive...I jump out of bed every morning and go directly to the computer...I don't even read the newspaper anymore until maybe later in the day.

Is there any hope for addicts?

Debby - California

Just wanted to say again how much the 2 day Compound Stock Earnings seminar DVD course has improved my trading, especial on the leaps. Before buying the Compound Stock Earnings master class live seminart DVD course, I was being very indecisive on when to sell the secondary calls and lacked confidence in finding my own leap positions. It is really starting to reflect in the bottom line in my account, over 10% the last 15 days.

Thanks again Compound Stock Earnings.


Brent - Oregon

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