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Robert Deel - Analysis of Sectors, Markets & Stocks


Robert Deel - Analysis of Sectors, Markets & Stocks

Don't pass up this 2 disk professional quality DVD on the Analysis of Sectors, Markets, and Stocks. This DVD is loaded with powerful information for all serious traders or aggressive investors. Spend hours with Robert Deel, trading expert and author as he walks you through the analytical work that makes the difference between success and failure. Review each of the 12 Chapters and special features as often as you like in the comfort of you own home.

Robert Deel is a trading strategist, author, and internationally recognized trading expert. He has trained individuals and professional traders in the disciplines of trading psychology, technical analysis, and tactical trading. As a former portfolio manager, Robert managed millions of dollars and acted as the trading strategist and advisor for a Southern California money management firm.

Topics Covered:
Sector Analysis
Market Analysis
Stock Analysis
Trend Analysis
Reward to Risk Ratio
Chart Patterns
Trend Indicators
Probability Indicators

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