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Jake Bernstein – Spotting Price Swings and Seasonal Patterns


Jake Bernstein – Spotting Price Swings and Seasonal Patterns

Spotting Price Swings & Seasonal Patterns: Techniques for Precisely Timing Major Market Moves By Bernstein, Jake

What if you could know a simple price pattern for trading on Monday? Or how about a price pattern that signals a powerful trend is about to get underway? With Jake Bernstein’s new video, now you can! President of MBH Commodity Advisors Inc. and Bernstein Investments Inc., Bernstein provides the viewer with one of his favorite price patterns for trading S&P futures on Monday based on the price action on Friday.

The proof is in the patterns – and so are the trading profits! Being able to precisely time your market moves by reading cycles and patterns is the key to sustained trading success. Now, the world’s foremost authority on pattern recognition and cycles and author of over 25 trading books, Jake Bernstein, guides you step-by-step through the process, as he reveals several of his preferred, most effectives pattern strategies.

Leading off with his personal favorite – a high-yielding pattern for trading S&P Futures on Monday based on price action from Friday – Bernstein also features …

· A key method for using moving averages with his price patterns
· Tips for identifying new trends in every time frame – ideal for short-term traders and long-term investors alike
· Patterns based on trader psychology
· Precise entry & exit methods

Thorough, fast-paced, even funny – this persuasive presentation, with full online support manual, is a “must have” for today’s active trader. See why even professional traders are raving that …
“Bernstein’s approach is so simple – yet so powerful – I wish I had this video years ago.”

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