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George Fontanills Creating the Optimal Trade Explosive Profits


George Fontanills – Creating the Optimal Trade for Explosive Profits

If you could develop a low-risk plan that would lead to consistent trading profits, you would probably jump at the opportunity. Now you can with a method designed to reduce stress (the key to successful trading) and emulate the traits of the most successful traders in the world.

In this fast-paced video DVD, you’ll get specific information on how to trade the S&P, T-bond and currency futures contracts. You’ll learn how you can use all the instruments available to you to build an arsenal of trading strategies to compete with the most sophisticated traders on the floor.

Hear how to spot high-profit, low-risk trades and how to place and manage trades to keep the odds of winning on your side. George delivers powerful delta neutral and spread strategies in a clear and concise presentation. This video is both entertaining and informative!

As a trading instructor, there is no one better then George Fontanills! He has spent years perfecting his strategies for reducing risk. George thoroughly enjoys teaching others how to become more successful in their trading.

2.I Guarantee It
3.Follow Successful People
4.Best Trades in the World
5.Best Markets
6.Combining Weapons
7.Understanding DELTA
8.DELTA Neutral
9.The Greeks
10.The Risk Curve
11.Time Decay
12.DELTA Neutral Trading
13.Call Ratio Back Spread
14.Put Ratio Back Spread
15.Gold Options
16.What Goes Up
17.The Rules
18.Calculating Potential Risk
19.Q & A
20.The Fish Test
22.Final Word

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