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Raymond Kelly – How to Become a Professional Trader


Raymond Kelly – How to Become a Professional Trader

In this information-packed DVD, Ray Kelly reveals information that, until now, has been used only to train traders employed by his firm. After completing this video, you’ll know all about the psychology of trading and discover how to integrate everything you’ve ever learned about the markets into a successful strategy you can apply to futures, options and equities. You’ll learn how to filter out the con men with the “foolproof” trading systems and discover trading tactics that are similar to those used by the CIA and FBI in their interrogation techniques.

2.I Guarantee It
3.Personality Profiles
4.How the Mind Works
5.The World of Trading
6.How Do We Perceive?
8.This Stuff Sells
9.Good Traders
10.Not a Game
11.What Do You See?
13.Is My Belief Appropriate?
14.The Root of All Evil
15.4 Million Dollar Loss
16.The Essentials to Success
18.Market Knowledge
19.Trading System
20.Risk Management
21.Check List
24.Q and A
25.The Fish Test
27.Final Word

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