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Tom Cronin – How to Use Spreads to Construct a Trading Roadmap


Tom Cronin – How to Use Spreads to Construct a Trading Roadmap

Discover why spreads can sometimes be better than outright positions in setting up a profitable trading program. Here’s how you can put history on your side to analyze spreads and see examples of how seasonal spreads have worked in the past. Learn how to quote spreads accurately to execute your spread orders most effectively, how to take advantage of seasonal tendencies in trading crop and livestock spreads and how to use “drawdown” analysis of past spreads to build a roadmap for a spread trade.

You’ll see specific examples of successful spread trades completed by commercial traders and why they work, and you’ll hear about this year’s “home run” agricultural spread opportunity. In this DVD you’ll learn how to identify spread opportunities and get a basic understanding of how to trade them plus you’ll know how to construct a complete roadmap for a spread trade based on specific examples.

2.I Guarantee It
3.What Is a commodity spread?
4.3 Catergories of Spreads
5.Get History on Your Side
6.Soybean Traits
7.Live Cattle Traits
8.Wheat Traits
9.Try This
10.How Spreads Are Traded
11.Spread Book
12.Spread Trade Criteria
13.Bench Marks
14.Entry Filter
15.The Homerun Spread
17.What’s Better?
19.The Fish Test
21.10 Trading Rules
22.Final Word

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