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Larry Williams - Sure Thing Commodity Trading Video Course


Larry Williams - Sure Thing Commodity Trading Video Course

Many people have earned $10 for every $1 invested following the secrets you will learn in Larry Williams' Sure Thing Commodity Trading Course

WHEAT: 9/19/06 $5,925
GOLD: 6/7/06 $7,250
HEATING OIL: 3/23/06 $13,377
SOY MEAL: 10/2/06 $3,500
COFFEE: 10/23/06 $3,000

I call your attention to the fact these were not hypothetical trades. These are real trades that Larry's techniques called out--- in advance--- and were given to his followers to profit from. Naturally not all trades will be this successful, but Larry has proven these techniques in over 44 years of trading.

Larry's best kept secrets come to you!
This is Larry Williams' world renowned Inner Circle Workshop with the newest material, insights, and tools you have never seen before. What you will learn in this course will give you as "sure of a thing" as possible in trading.

His "Cracking the Money Code" is your undergraduate degree

Now get your masters in trading for a living

Larry has taught more students around the globe on how to trade the markets than anyone else. Many of his students have won trading championships, gone on to become successful money managers or trade exclusively for a living on their own.

He is the "real deal" of trading... a successful trader that has made millions trading... and still teaches. There is no one else that teaches how to trade commodities & futures that has made millions in actual trading as Larry has. Learn from the best, learn from Larry

Set Up Tools:
Commercials (COT Report)
Pinch & Paunch

Entry & Exit Techniques:
Turtle Trading
12 Bar Entry
18 Bar Entry
Qualified Trend Line
Protective Stops
3 Bar Exit/Entry
Target Shooter

Money Management & Bonuses:
Bonus #1: Market Psychology
Bonus #2: 4 Different Entry Patterns
Bonus #3: Pro-Go
Bonus #4: Specialist Trap

What's In The Course...
This is a complete futures trading course. You will learn what specific tools set up major market moves.
Larry opens the door here giving you the logic, the formulas and how to use them. No technical mumbo jumbo. This is hard core fundamental stuff that makes markets move.
Most of these tools you have never seen before.
But you need more… you need to have precise tools that say “Buy Today”, “Sell Today” as well as stop loss techniques, trailing stops and targets. All of these are fully revealed.

Finish the course and you will know what markets are the best one to trade --- NOW --- and when to get in and out...for those explosive moves that can give you back $10 for every $1 invested.

Included Course video discs in original box and pdf manual

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