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TraderMind Trading Performance And Psychology Program Steve Ward


TraderMind Trading Performance And Psychology Program by Steve Ward

Develop the fundamental thinking skills, beliefs and mental strategies required to overcome your fears, trade with confidence, be disciplined, and achieve trading success.

Without a proper mental approach to trading you will experience higher levels of stress, fear and frustration, have lower confidence and be less disciplined; and even the best trading systems and strategies will at best bring you mediocre results and at worst losses.

The TraderMind webinar program is critical for anyone wanting to become a confident, consistent, profitable and successful trader. It is not about technical analysis or trading strategy. It is an intensive mental and emotional training program that will teach you proven, powerful psychological techniques and strategies that will help you to overcome your trading fears, develop stronger discipline, and maximise your trading potential and profitability.

95% of traders who have attended Tradermind describe the program as having helped them to improve their trading performance by the end of the course

100% of traders who have completed the course would recommend the TraderMind program to another trader

The TraderMind program consists of….

- 6 interactive webinars video each with 60 minutes of information, insights and practical techniques PLUS Live Q&A session
- Each video session comes with a pdf instructional manual
- Presented by leading trader performance and psychology coach Steve Ward

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