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Dagnino Methods to Predict & Plan for Profit in any Market Cycle


George Dagnino - Methods to Predict. Plan for Profit in any Market Cycle

Tired of racing to stay on top of every market turn? Gain the upper hand by understanding the fundamental economic forces at work that trigger bull and bear markets and, more importantly, how to modify your investments accordingly. A great companion to Dagnino's bestselling book Profiting in Bull & Bear Markets, this insightful presentation combines basic economics with investment-savvy to show you how to stay ahead of the curve in today's volatile market environment. The popular "Peter Dag" explains how to interpret the yield curve, how dollar and credit spreads act as leading indicators for economic growth and what changes in the money supply mean. You'll discover how the business cycle moves from good times (low risk, growth) to bad times (high risk, recession) and back again. See first hand how the business cycle actually mirrors the way companies react to interest rates and inflation - reactions that lead to stock market tops and bottoms. Dagnino connects all the dots, so you'll build winning portfolios, as you understand -
- How real interest rates impact commodity prices.
- How to benefit from stock and bond market seasonality
- How history repeats itself
- and how you too can take advantage of it.
- And what the Fed really can - or cannot do.

Start recognizing the primary trends of today's economy, to enjoy the soaring profits of tomorrow!

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