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How to Create Trading Plays by Seth Gregory from ForexMentor


How to Create Trading Plays by Seth Gregory from ForexMentor

Get ready to learn how to develop your own trading plays in this exciting live cast event. This is a 4-hour hard-hitting, fast-paced webinar that will help you develop your own trading plays!

Learning and mastering this amazing technique will allow you to confidently expand your trading portfolio to other currencies thus providing you with more high probability trades.

A trading play is much like a play in any sporting event. A play in sports is a clearly defined positioning of players and the players actions to give them an advantage to score. These plays are so clearly defined that a simple hand signal from a coach or a player is enough information to govern what the player’s actions need to be. Depending on conditions, teams and players will run the same play over and over again with varying degrees of success. If the play does not prove productive for the team they will enhance it or replace it. A trading play is a clearly defined set of parameters that tell the trader when they should be looking to execute a trade and what actions they need carry out.

- Do you ever just enter the market hoping the trade will work out?
- Do you know why you are getting into the market?
- Do you know why you are getting out of a trade?
- Would you like to take the guess work out of trading?
- Would you like to spend less time in front of charts searching for a trade?
- Would you like to be able to recognize a good trade in minutes?
- Would you like to be able to track your win to loss percentage on a specific set of criteria thus giving you more confidence?
- Do you have a trading play?
- Do you need a trading play?
- Would you like to increase your consistency and profitability?
- Would you like to have one of my trading plays that shows up on a weekly basis?

Successful traders trade like this. If you would like to learn the process of creating your own personal trading play, and receive one of mine, please sign up for this online session

This is not a session to discuss the details of how the indicators work but how to use the indicators to your advantage on a consistent basis.

By the end of the session we will have worked through the development process of a play that I have developed and trade on a regular basis. In time, this play alone should more than pay for this live cast.

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