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Ken Chow SuperStructure Trading DVD set


Ken Chow : SuperStructure Trading
SuperStructure Trading (5 DVD Video)

Here is the major difference between SuperStructureTrading™ and other courses:

In short, it contains no lagging indicators. It is pure chart reading… broken down into baby steps for you… with powerful filters never seen before.

Superstructure is not another “black box”. Instead it is a set of rock-solid concepts to pinpoint where the market will likely turn. And you get incredibly high winning percent. Why? Because it forces you to wait for your pitch before swinging, as they say in baseball.

You get these advantages when you trade using SuperStructureTrading™:

You learn which retracement is the most important and why – not all retracements are created equal. Some are much more powerful. You’ll see why.
How most traders misapply Fibonacci – make sure you don’t fall into this trap.
How to apply TimeRange™ analysis to filter out iffy trades –without a reliable filter, you are fighting with one hand tied behind your back.
How a gap can be used as a price range when you need an extra piece to the puzzle – Remember: the more clues you have, the more accurate the trade setup.
Why it’s crucial to align price and time – are you aware of the enormous power of alignment? Embrace this concept -and you have the key to the kingdom.

SuperStructureTrading™ is broken down into 6 easy-to-follow chapters on video:

Chapter 1: The Foundation
Chapter 2: Price Structure
Chapter 3: Time Structure
Chapter 4: Fibonacci Ratios
Chapter 5: Supporting Structures
Chapter 6: SuperStructure.
Plus 10 case studies

Included DVDs in original case

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