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John Keppler - Spotting Big Money with the Market Profile


John Keppler : Spotting Big Money with the Market Profile

Spotting BIG Money with the Market Profile: Amplifying Your Trading with Candlesticks and Other Technicals

Market profile is a unique and powerful tool that offers professional and individual traders a number of significant and distinct advantages. This course is designed to help traders better understand profile concepts, profile structures, and profile based trading strategies.

Participants will have an opportunity to learn how to:

- Identify value in the market,
- Spot when price is rejected at an extreme high or low,
- Read key price reference levels for any electronically traded market that offers profile data.

The course will describe and demonstrate actual examples of profile based trading strategies that can be used in a variety of markets such as Forex, Equities, and Futures.
Be prepared to observe and view market activity from a unique vantage that is distinctly different from any other charting technique.

Included course video discs in original case playable on any computers/DVD players.

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