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Jon Najarian How to Create Better Trading Opportunities


Jon Najarian - How to Create Better Trading Opportunities through Hedging

According to professional options trader Jon Najarian, options add a great deal of flexibility to your trading program and can help you leverage your S&P trades, decrease your losses and avoid being "stopped to death". In this exciting, fast-paced video, you'll learn how to watch the market so you can position your trades ahead of major news events. You'll be spellbound as Jon explains how to develop safer and less painful ways to play the bear side of the market and shows you smarter ways to make money selling a dull, sideways market. Plus, you'll find out why SPDRs are better than putting your money into mutual funds, and you'll discover how you can squeeze more cash out of existing stock holdings. If you've been thinking about adding options trading to your repertoire, this is one video you can't afford to miss!

1. Beginning
2. I Guarantee It
3. How I Started
4. How Options Floors Work
5. How We Price Things
6. Understanding Options Pricing
7. Positioning for an Event
8. Bullish Strategies
9. Better Ways to Trade Bearishly
10. Strategies for Static markes
11. Iron Butterfly
12. Strangles and Straddles
13. Stops Can Just Kill You
14. SPDR's
15. Q and A
16. The Fish Test
17. Ten Trading Rules
18. Trade School
19. Testimonials
20. Final Word

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