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Jim Kenney Option Professor Option learning lessons


Jim Kenney Option Professor Option learning lessons

Option Professor Option learning lessons are an effective way to learn about options. No matter what your learning needs are (beginner, intermediate or advanced), we have lessons to help you achieve a higher level of knowledge and confidence.

Whether you want to learn specific strategies or general knowledge or simply the basics of how options work, Option Professor has the Option learning lessons you need.

Lesson A Basic Overview
Lesson #1 Creating Cash Flow Learn how Option writing can create flow!
Lesson #2 Buying Calls and Puts Learn how to buy Option and roll and repair positions!
Lesson #3 Combos; Straddles/Strangles Learn how straddles and strangles work!
Lesson #4 Spreads Learn how credit and debit option spreads work!
Lesson #5 Protecting Your Portfolio Learn how to hedge your positions!
Lesson #6 Timing Learn how to recognize potential favorable circumstances!

Included 6 Lessons Discs plus bonus disc in original case

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