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Ken Trester Option Trading Camp


Ken Trester – Option Trading Camp

This comprehensive course is the ultimate in options training. Taped during one of Kenneth Trester’s live training camps, this exhaustive course gives you all the knowledge you need to successfully compete with people who trade options professionally. Ken makes option trading extremely easy to understand

Ken Trester is the author of the best selling options trading book; The Complete Opiton Player, now in its 3rd edition and has published several option trading advisory letters.
Ken has been trading options since 1972 and is a former computer science professor. Ken provides that rare combination of being a professional trader and having excellent teaching skills. You will enjoy his dynamic
presentation as you learn how to generate spectacular profits in the options markets.

Those who attended the camp paid up to $ 2,000 and sacrificed up to a week, as well as paying for airline tickets, hotel accommodations and meals.

You’ll learn specific strategies for stock, index, commodity and futures options. Some of this information is not available anywhere else.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

* How to use options to buy stock at bargain prices.
* Advanced strategies that let you win 90% of the time.
* How to hedge commodities and stocks with low-priced options.
* How to leverage minimal investment dollars into maximum profits.
* And much more.

Included Trading camp video discs in original case

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