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Options University - Practical Application Classes


Options University - Practical Application Classes

Watch how the pros use options theory and strategies in real-world trading

How to analyze the overall market first, then drill down to see what's working... and what's not

How to spot the highest potential trades, and then narrow those down even further for the single best trades of the day

How to use the "technicals", implied volatilities, and other tools of the pros and combine them with the CORRECT option strategies for maximum profits

The main reason so many beginning traders fail at options trading is that their system is totally backwards!

In these first-of-its-kind classes, our trading experts will show you how to First find the opportunity... and Then apply the strategy.

That's the RIGHT way to trade options!

In the Practical Application Classes, you will be shown (in real-time) how the professional traders do this step-by-step... how to find and evaluate the opportunity, how to select the proper strategy or series of strategies, and then we'll even go into our professional trading platform and show you how to place the trade!

Total 12 DVD discs in original case.

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