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Don Miller - How I Trade The E-Minis For A Living


Don Miller - How I Trade The E-Minis For A Living

Don Miller’s ”Trading The E-Minis…Live” DVD By Don Miller
Would you like to know how to increase the probability of trading the E-Minis consistently and successfully? If so, watch me trade live, profitably, and learn how you can apply my proven strategies to successfully trade the E-minis.

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction To The E-Minis. Do you have trading experience in stocks, but are new to futures and the E-minis? If so, this section will take you through all the basics so that you can easily incorporate the E-minis into your trading repertoire.

o Who Should Read Parts I and II?
o What Are The E-Minis?
o A Brief, But Important History Lesson
o The Similarities And Differences Between Trading Stocks And Futures

Part II: Why Trade The E-Minis Over Stocks? There are a number of good reasons why many stock traders are switching their main trading activity over to the E-minis. I explain their advantages and how you as an E-mini trader will benefit.

o Leverage
o 24-Hour-A-Day Trading
o There Are Few Overnight “Holes” In The E-Minis
o No Upticks Needed To Short E-Minis
o E-Minis Are Not Manipulated
o E-Minis Have Only One Personality

Part III: Key Trading Concepts. You will learn all of the key trading concepts that have been essential to my success as a trader. The knowledge contained in this section will give you a solid foundation for successfully applying the strategies that I teach you.

o Dispelling Myths
o Reinforcing The “Skill” Concept
o Trading And Risk Management
o Mastering Probability
o How To Find A Simple Bias You Can Use In Your Trading
o Why Win/Loss % Can Be Irrelevant

Part IV: My E-Mini Trading Strategies. In this section, you will gain a full understanding of all the indicators I use, and how I put them together in order to identify the high-probability trading setups. I will show you my main trading patterns, rules for entry, stop placement, and exit.

o What Studies And Indicators Do You Use To Guide E-Mini Trading And Why?
o Moving Averages (Trend)
o Bollinger Bands (Range)
o Stochastics (Momentum)
o Piecing It All Together
o Trading With An Established Trend
o Trading Extremes Against A Trend
o Trading Trend Reversals
o Trading Range Oscillations
o My Best E-Mini Setups
o MA Cross In Direction Of Large Trend
o Oversold Stochastics On Price Support
o MA Cross Following Stochastic Divergence…Plus 4 Entry Scenarios

Part V: The Real-World E-Mini Trading Simulator. Finally, you will be trained repeatedly on applying my trading strategy in real situations. No effort as been spared to duplicate the realism of trading, including exposing you to reality of taking losses.

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