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Walter Bressert Power Trade S&P 500 & Active Stocks Intraday


Walter Bressert - Power Trade the S&P 500 & Active Stocks Intraday 7 DVDs course

Walter, who is credited with bringing cycles into the futures markets, became interested in cycles in the late 1960s. He studied everything available at the time, including volumes of information published by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, and Jim Hurst's classic book on cycles, "The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing". He also attended several of Jim's workshops. Walter was a trader, and in applying the concepts from Hurst's book and workshops, and the Foundation, he realized that something was missing. There was plenty of theory on how to use cycles, but no quantification, or structure, that would allow him to trade the markets cyclically with confidence.

DAYTRADE THE S&P500 AND ACTIVE STOCKS... Learn a time tested and market proven methodology to POWER TRADE THE S&P500 AND ACTIVE STOCKS. A Video of Walter's last $3500 workshop with 15+ hours of instruction

The course includes 7 DVDs showing Walter's live seminar.


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