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Todd Mitchell E-Mini & Full S&P 500 Trading Mentoring Program


Todd Mitchell - E-Mini Mentoring Program - E-Mini & Full S&P 500 Trading Program

Let Me Share Just A Few E-mini Trading Strategies You'll Learn In My Interactive Home-Study Trading Course.

- How to interpret Price Action to the point of knowing what the market will do on the very next bar!
- How to know at what price levels the market will test the following day.
- How to calculate tomorrow's Highs and Lows in any market! This formula is what the floor traders use on a daily basis.
- A simple scalping technique that usually occurs in the first hour of trading. It's very easy, simple & straightforward - even a child could understand it!
- Learn the MFAM - in my opinion the absolute best way to analyze & trade the e-mini or full S&P 500 - or any other market you desire. This analysis method will show you trends and trading ranges early on, not after the fact! It's my goal for you to learn when and where a market will reverse trend directions. I've seen just about everything out there - and this one market analysis method is better than all of them!
- How to correctly use Fibonacci Retracements in conjunction with the MFAM! Also, learn Retracement Confluency along with the MFAM. This one trading strategy is very predictable and will show you major trends before they begin!
- Learn high probability Counter-Trend trade set-ups using only two technical indicators and three accurate price patterns. -You'll have complete and objective trading rules that are bound to make you a more successful trader!
- Learn when and where the S&P's make their reversals during the day! There are a few key "Times" during the day where the market becomes very predictable, I'll show you how to trade these "Times" and what to expect in terms of price movement. Imagine knowing where the market is going before it actually goes there!
- Know in the first hour of trading with high probabilities whether or not the market will Trend for the entire day or not! It's my intention for you be able to anticipate the entire days trend before it actually happens! I'll teach you a few patterns that will specifically show you this.
- How to correctly know where resistance and support numbers really are! Finally avoid mistakes most people make when it comes to Support and Resistance.
- Know what the best type of orders you should use to minimize slippage and maximize profits! Few traders know this - but I'll teach you these hidden secrets in my Course.
- How to work a trade the correct way! I'll give you clear and objective trading rules to place your initial stop loss, where to take profits and how to trail a stop if you choose to trail your stop(s) instead of taking profits.
- Learn how to stay in your position for the whole move (well, most of it) if you use my trailing stop strategy. Avoid leaving 5.00 + points on the table again. Learn how to milk every trade for what it's really worth!
- What numbers to "Buy" and "Sell" at -- what number to avoid! This will allow you to know what numbers the floor traders look to knock you out of the market. Finally avoid getting stopped out prematurely, when you were right to begin with! I know how frustrating this can be, so I will show you how to avoid this very costly mistake.

There are Many More Trading Strategies and Techniques contained in my Comprehensive Interactive Home Study Course! This list doesn't begin to scratch the surface of what You'll Learn!

I truly feel that my Home Study Course & LIVE One-On-One Training Session is the Most Comprehensive Available Today! At Least That's What My Students Have Been Telling Me For Over 10 Years Now! Take a look at what a few students are saying about my Interactive Home Study Course by clicking here.

My Home Study Course is Full of Practical and Objective Trading Rules that Will Help Allow YOU To Become A More Successful Trader! I teach a discretionary trading methodology that is adaptive & flexible, yet very disciplined in its approach. My goal is to help you produce results and teach traders like yourself how to function in the TOP ONE PERCENTILE of ALL Traders - and be Consistently Profitable!

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