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Markay Latimer Trend Trading 2010-2012 DVDs pdf set


Markay Latimer Trend Trading 2010-2012 11 DVDs Set NEW


Learning how to read stock charts and identify price patterns is an important part of the technical analysis process. When a trader understands these basics, they can incorporate them in their trend trading and momentum trading in pursuit of potential profits.

In this 11-DVD set, BetterTrades coach Markay Latimer will teach you powerful charting techniques that, when applied correctly, may help you identify potentially lucrative trading opportunities. Students will be shown how to apply these charting techniques to a momentum opportunity, which generally last 1-5 days, as well as to a trending opportunity, which can last 2-3 weeks. You'll learn:

•   Patterns that can signal potential entries and exits in trades
•   Key indicators you should consider consulting before making a trading decision
•   Things to consider when determining which option is the more affordable to purchase
•   Signals that a chart may be ready to reverse direction

Markay covers patterns that can be applied by a variety of different kind of traders – those who have the flexibility to watch the market during the day, as well as those who need to set up their trades at night when the market is closed. This series is designed to help students learn how to read charts with the aim of becoming a more consistent trader and increase their chances of making a profitable trade.

Order Trend Trading My Way today and start on your path to becoming a more skilled and knowledgeable trader.

The techniques taught in these DVDs can teach you the skills to become a better trader. Purchase this distance learning course NOW to start on your path to financial freedom. This DVD series allows you to learn at your own pace in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Included 11 DVDs showing Markay's live Trend Trading seminar with pdf manual.

Please noted. The new version of Trend Trading has 11 DVDs with manual. The older edition of Trend Trading which has only 8 DVDs

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