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3 Day Live 2010 Trading Webinar


Trade The Markets - 3 Day Live 2010 Trading Webinar

If you are a serious trader who wants to take your knowledge, skills, and confidence to an entirely new level, you don't want to miss this exclusive online trading seminar. John Carter and Hubert Senters will host this insightful workshop. Among many trading techniques, tools, secrets, and success formulas they will share-- and demonstrate in real-time are:

  • Trading CME Futures LIVE!
  • Favorite setups, based on specific times of the trading day
  • Which pivot plays to take and which to filter out
  • Using internals to maximize trading results and minimize losses
  • Specific execution strategies on live trades
  • Tape reading techniques
  • Psychological factors that make or break a trader
  • Getting through a drawdown and turning your trading around
    And much more...

3 day webinar on 3 CDs in original case

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