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Astrology for Gann Traders Beginners Level Course


Astrology for Gann Traders Beginners Level Course

TIME will no longer be a MYSTERY

REVEALED.....6 easy KEYS are what separates you from
understanding the SECRETS of W.D. GANN's Astrological methods.
Imagine in just 216 minutes you will have the foundation without all that mystery and jargon, which means understanding why Gann called it the greatest science.

6 ways this Beginners Course will help you
You'll discover what you need to start applying Astrological cycles to the market.

Do you know why Gann used a 4-minute chart?
A 4-minute animation will explain it all.

You'll learn a little-known signature grid technique for distinguishing
between positive, negative and neutral days -which means understanding the
ebb and flow of planetary vibrations.

Revealed.....The Basis of the Gann Emblem and why it is the foundation of all

Show you some of Gann's actual analysis from his private letters and charts and make sense of it.

Explains how Planets affect the Market trends which means you can time your trades in the short term and long term.

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