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John Bartlett - Scalping the Forex


John Bartlett - Scalping the Forex

Learn Forex Scalping Strategies with Learn Trading Scalping the Forex.
With 'Scalping the Forex' the you'll get instruction on how YOU can become in charge, and be in complete control of every trade you place.

One of the attractions of this course is that you can practice this technique without risking a single pound - until you determine this style of trading is for you - and if you find it is - then you are on to a consistent winner.
John Bartlett shows in simple terms how scalping the forex and using forex scalping strategies can work for those that are disciplined traders. He also shows the key to making money in scalping Forex is by using trends, setting goals and controlling loss to build profit.

He also takes the opportunity to make some of his opinions known on scalping Forex and using a forex scalping system and what the unwary beginner should consider before parting with their hard earned cash.

Brand New for 2008/2009 - Scalping the Forex - On the CD, which was recorded during the worst financial crisis in most peoples living memory, I show how despite any situation you could expect to aim at a return of 5% per week. Not only is this a realistic target for you (dependent on your bank), it is totally under your control and fully achievable.

There are no gimmicks, magic formulas, secret equations, Fibonacci, Gann, Elliott waves, specialised indicators or other hyped up rubbish; Scalping is a skill which I teach you step by step in 12 different sections lasting nearly six hours. You will see me teaching a “live” class in one section, in another I lay down strict trading rules, I teach you the mindset and how you get into the “Zone” I give you a live presentation section in which I trade on just 3 days in a week make 8 trades (7 winning and one losing) and make a return of £1,000 from a bank of £10,000 Tax free, and the total actual time in the trades was less than one hour. The max risk on any trade was 2.5% of my capital. Your shown the importance of financial record keeping and analysing your trading. You are taught the importance of targets and running you’re trading like a business

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