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Linda Raschke - Researching Your Trade


Linda Raschke - Researching Your Trade
[Audio Seminar and pdf Workbook]

Running Time: 90 minutes
Workbook Length: 46 pages

Various technical indicators my be used to complement and refine such strategies. One little-known but exceptionally useful technique is Howe's Limit Rule, applicable in especially volatile markets where there is so much opportunity - and risk.

Linda believes strongly in market tendency patterns and the predictability of price direction, though not magnitude. Prices tend to form a distinct three-day swing trading pattern, one which consistently repeats itself in tradable fashion.

Linda will discuss why this swing pattern sets up, how to recognize it, the tendencies of the underlying theories, and the philosophy behind trading it. She will then teach a sound method for trading this cyclic phenomenon, one which builds confidence to trade any market on any day.

Finally, Linda will illustrate how, based on these patterns, you can develop mechanical systems that are applicable to various length market periods. This presentation will give you a new perspective on price behavior and chart patterns.

The study of price behavior lends itself to various avenues of research. Can correlation studies project future price movement? What similarities exist in the price behavior of different markets, for instance, futures vs. equities? This workshop is intended to help the intelligent trader make good decisions.

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