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Kevin Haggerty - Trading with the Generals


Kevin Haggerty - Trading with the Generals

Participate in over 20 hours of in-depth training directly from Kevin Haggerty. Learn Kevin's best trading strategies, patterns and tactics for all time frames. Master Kevin's knowledge and apply it properly as he drills you in over 200 clearly illustrated real-world trading examples. Plus you will receive Kevin's 553-page Trading Strategy Manual containing Kevin's best trading knowledge from over 30 years of trading experience.

"My course is divided into seven segments. Each is critical to your long-term success as a trader. The knowledge, strategies and tactics that I teach you during our 20 hours together is designed to help you master each of these critical areas and apply it immediately to your own trading.

* The Generals: Either Trade With Them Or Potentially Lose...It's Your Choice
* My Primary Strategies Plus Advanced Tools
* Selection Of Daily Stock And Index Trading Setups
* Risk Control And Money Management
* Using Trading Technology To Your Advantage
* Interactive Training Exercises: Learning To Apply Your Knowledge To The Real World
* Q & A Session

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