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David Elliott CCI Commodity Channel Index WallstreetTeachers


David Elliott - CCI - Commodity Channel Index - WallstreetTeachers

This invaluable hour-long CD illustrates how the Commodity Channel Index can be applied to measure the position of price in relation to the moving average of any time period you choose. This can be used to suggest when the market is overbought or oversold with trend-line breaks and divergences.

This study demonstrates how far the price is from the moving average time period, and displays its velocity in graphic form. When price is directly on the moving average time period you are using, the CCI will be zero.

This is beneficial specifically for signaling reversal in stocks and futures trading, both daily and intra-day. For your convenience, both TCnet and E-Signal charts are displayed.

David"s CCI CD can improve your trading dramatically; employing it can help keep you in the wins & out of the losses!

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