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Hubert Senters - How To Trade Senters Squeeze Play Strategy


Hubert Senters - How To Trade Senters Squeeze Play Strategy

Hubert Sentersí Squeeze Play Strategy Interactive CD-Rom course from TradingMarkets

Now you can more systematically catch volatility. And, in a trading breakthrough, know the direction of the move!

The method Iím going to teach you is not your average high-risk gunslinger type strategy. Hubert Senters pride himself on being a very disciplined trader so Hubert Senters have devised a method that is designed to pull a consistent 5-7% out of the market per month. While Hubert Senters canít guarantee that youíll see those kinds of results, Hubert Senters can tell you that it has been and continues to be his bread and butter strategy.

Hubert Senters treat trading just like a business because thatís exactly what it is. In the business/entrepreneur world you are making money or you are losing money just like trading. In this module you will learn how I use specific entries and profit targets to achieve my trading goals.

Now here is where Hubert Senters different than most other traders: I know Iím not going to make money every day or even every week. I have, however, devised a plan that makes me take smaller losses and allows me to pull a consistent monthly profit from the market by utilizing the 3-strike rule that we will go over in detail later in this module.

In all of my other business ventures Hubert Senters always developed the 3 Pís (Policies-Plans-Procedures) before tackling any endeavor. The same goes for trading. You have to devise a system that works for you and stick with it day in and day out in order to be successful over the long term. Donít get me wrongĖIím just like everyone else. In business as well as trading, I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Hubert Senters goal is to help you develop that system for yourself and save you the hard knocks of aimlessly trading with no system in place.

Before Hubert Senters begin teaching you the Sentersí Squeeze Play system, let me give you a little insight as to how I got where I am today.

The training module is laid out as follows:

Section I: How Futures Work and Why I Trade the Mini-Sized Dow:

In Section I, Hubert Senters will give you overview of the Dow-Minis. Hubert Senters have stock a trading background, but I gravitated to the index futures when I discovered that they offered multiple advantages including liquidity, equal ease on the long and short side and consistent behavior. In this section, you will learn the nuts and bolts of Dow-mini future and why I prefer trading them over the S&P E-minis and the Nasdaq E-minis.

Section II: Introduction To The Senters Squeeze Play:

Then with Section II, I will lay the groundwork for you to understand the Senters Squeeze Play. Iíll discuss volatility and how subtle differences between how volatility is measured with Bollinger Bands and how itís measured with Keltner Channels allows you to capture sharp intraday moves in the Dow-minis.

Section III: How To Determine Direction Of A Senters Squeeze Play Move

It will be clear to you from Section II that the Sentersí Squeeze Play is capable of capturing some pretty sizeable moves. But how do you determine the direction of the move? In Section IV, Iíll give you a clear and unambiguous way of doing this.

Section IV: Rules Of The Senters Squeeze Play Strategy

In Section IV, Iíll provide you with all the rules Of The Senters Squeeze Play. Youíll learn how to stalk the trade, enter it, scale out and then make your final exit.

Section V: Senters Squeeze Play: Getting Hands On Training Through Real World Simulations

Finally, in Section V, Iíll train you on how to apply the Senters Squeeze Play through the use of bar-by-bar simulations. Included with the simulations will be two movies of myself that I recorded as I was actually trading my strategy in real time. Youíll hear my voice narrate the play-by-play action as the real trades unfold.

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