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Dave Caplan – How to Use Option Volatility to Turn Trading Odds


Dave Caplan – How to Use Option Volatility to Turn Trading Odds in Your Favor

You can use options to trade successfully in any market if you adopt strategies used by market professionals. Get a greater understanding of how to use the volatility component of options pricing to spot and take advantage of market oppurtunities. Then, discover how to use neutral option strategies to trade like a “bookie” and take advantage of the “overvalued” time value of out-of-the-money options, when and how to collect premiums from both sides of the market and how to adjust your positions to the optimal size. Learn the importance of safeguards based on individual market characteristics and sound money management principles using options.

In this videotape you’ll learn how an option strategy can be successful without having to predict the direction of the market, why combining option volatility levels with money management principles is the most important factor for success in trading options and how significant changes in volatility can help predict changes in market direction.

2.I Guarantee It
3.Tulip Mania
4.Option Volatility
5.The Art and the Science
6.A Misconception
7.Changing Markets
8.Computers Are Behind
10.I Don’t Want to Play This Game
11.Time Decay
12.My Favorite Strategy
13.One of the Best Rules
15.The Low Volatility Secret
16.The Fish Test
18.Trade School

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