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Freddie Rick Spreads the Wealth DVD Set


Freddie Rick Spreads the Wealth DVD Set

This seminar focuses on Credit Spreads Trading Indexes. Specifically how to sell Credit Spreads with Indexes (Bear and Bull Spreads).

Selling CREDIT SPREADS is how you can trade options with minimum risk where the deck is definitely stacked in your favor. With this strategy, TIME DECAY works in your favor, and margin requirements are low enough to make it possible for smaller investors. Even if the trade works against you by a certain extent, you still win. Using this strategy, regularly you can make at least 15% per month on your portfolio, and you can sometimes made up to 70% in one month on an individual stock that is trending strongly. These are not bad gains, especially for beginners, smaller investors and the risk averse.

What is a Credit Spread?
When you sell a credit spread, you simultaneously sell one option and buy one option for a stock as a single transaction. The options are traded for the same expiration month, with different strike prices and are either both call options or both put options. You sell the more expensive option, and buy the cheaper option, resulting in a credit to your account.

Included DVDs in original case showing Freddie's live Spreads the Wealth seminar class.

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