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Doug Sutton - One Dollar Wonders webinar video with pdf manual


Doug Sutton - One Dollar Wonders webinar video and pdf manual

More and more stocks are adding $1 strike prices for their options. Learning about these trading opportunities and how to evaluate them can enable you to add another skill to your repertoire.

In this two-hour course video, veteran BetterTrades trading instructor Doug Sutton will teach you about these stocks with $1 strike prices. These trading opportunities may not have the name recognition of some of the larger stocks, but they may often have the same volatility that traders may look for when searching for a candidate.

In this course video, Doug Sutton will teach you:

How to set up a spreadsheet to keep up with the $1 candidates
Criteria that may be considered when looking for opportunities
How to read the $1 options chain and apply the appropriate criteria

The stocks with $1 options may give further flexibility to a trader with a smaller account. You can even consider using these stocks to use with credit spreads. And some of these stocks with $1 strike prices also have weekly options, offering a trader even more choices to consider.

Buy now and let Doug Sutton teach you about this new market wrinkle you probably weren't even aware of.

This Webinar video and the pdf manual is a download course.

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