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Rob Roy - ETF Mastery Breaking New Ground in Your Trading


Rob Roy - ETF Mastery Breaking New Ground in Your Trading webinar video and pdf manual

Are you tired of the stock market eating your lunch day after day? Are you entering trades on stock after stock only to find the stock market bus has run over you, sometimes again and again? Learn how it may be possible to stop that painful process.

In this four-hour course video, BetterTrades trading education coach Robert Roy will teach you about Exchange Traded Funds and how they may be an instrument to consider when learning to trade the market. An ETF is a collection of stocks that are bought and sold as a package, but are traded like a traditional stock. It is possible to buy and sell calls and puts, as well as execute spreads, on an ETF.

In this class Robert Roy will teach you:

- What to look for in an ETF
- The dangers of some ETFs and how to learn to avoid the potential land mines that exist there
- The external forces that you must learn to recognize or risk seeing your trade explode
- The best potential trading times of the day, as well as the times to avoid

Learn as Robert Roy introduces you to a new world of potential trading opportunities using ETFs such as the Spiders (SPY), Diamonds (DIA), Nasdaq 100 (QQQQ) and many others for possible short-term trading, swing trading, or long-term buy-and-hold.

Buy now and get a peek inside a well-hidden window to learn how to trade EFTs and possibly include them in your trading plan.

This Webinar video and the pdf manual is a download course.

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