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Rob Roy - Power Channeling Using Options webinar video


Rob Roy - Power Channeling Using Options webinar video

Being able to identify a stock thatís in a channel is a powerful skill to develop. The capability to find stocks channeling upward, downward or sideways allows a trader to potentially make money under all market conditions.

In this two-hour course video, BetterTrades trading education coach Rob Roy will teach you how to properly identify a channeling stock pattern. Rob will help you discover which indicators work the best and how to set those indicators to reveal the candidates with the most potential.

Rob will teach you how to locate trading candidates to analyze and, once identified, how you may possibly trade them by using options. Youíll learn how to use a complete trading system to set up trades at the end of the day and on an intraday basis.

Buy now for this class and learn to put the power of channeling stocks in your repertoire.

This Webinar video is a download course.

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