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Don Miller - Inner Circle Professional E-Mini Trading Program


Don Miller - Inner Circle Professional E-Mini Trading Program

Inner Circle Professional E-Mini Trading Program

Part I: Do you have trading experience in stocks, but are new to futures and the E-minis?
I f so, this section will take you through all the basics so that you can easily incorporate
the E-minis into your trading repertoire.
Part II: There are a number of good reasons why many stock traders are switching their
main trading activity over to the E-minis. I explain their advantages and how you as an
E-mini trader will benefit.

Part III: You will learn all o f the key trading concepts that have been essential to my
success as a trader. The knowledge contained in this section will give you a solid
foundation for successfully applying the strategies that I teach you.

Part IV: In this section, you will gain a full understanding of all the indicators I use,
and how I put them together in order to identify the high-probability trading setups. I will
show you my main trading patterns, rules for entry, stop placement, and exit.

Included course video discs that playable in any computers and DVD players.

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